Bird Photography Advices And Photos

Bird Photography Advices And Photos
Hi bird photographers and nature lovers, Here is an article about bird photography, with some advices and some of my photos. I’m not really a bird photographer, but as I really like to photograph Wildlife and all kinds of animals, birds are part of it. So I thought about writing an article about bird photography, including some Youtube videos to provide you advices and tips. Then I have added some bird photographs that I took in the past, or a …

Night Photography – Session 001

Night Photography  – Session 001
Hi photographers! Here are some recent shots from a night photography session, here in Montreal. Except for the picture of the construction structure, shooted with the Canon 70-200mm F4 lens, all shots were done with the Sigma 10-20mm lens. Using a tripod, exposure time was between 8 and 17 seconds. ISO 100 and aperture F11/F16. Camera Canon EOS 7D. You can see the Montreal’s Place D’Armes with the Maisonneuve Monument, in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica and surrounded by old …

Concert Photography

Concert Photography
Hi photographers! Here are some concert photography shots taken during three different concerts: John Butler Trio, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd. I really like those artists, so I wanted to get some photos of them. Ben Harper’s one was an outdoor gig during the Montreal Jazz Festival. My sister and I were far from the stage, but I was able to do some shots with my Canon 400D camera, the Canon 70-200mm zoom-lens and a 2x focal extender (I think the …

Zombestoff 2011 Zombie Walk

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Hi! There was lots of zombie walks this year, here in montreal and alomost all around the World I think. Here are some pictures of two of them, in Montreal. The frist one was completly a surprise, the second one was more planned, as a part of the Spasm Festival. I used the Canon 70-200mm F4 and the Sigma 10-20mm (in the second serie). The 70-200 is good zoom lens to make portraits if you can’t get closer to your …

LOMO Photography

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Hi! Here is a tutorial to help you to create LOMO photographies thanks to Photoshop. You can have some great pictures even it doesn’t look great at the first look to it. The effect is enhanced with a picture containing colors and some depth. I have shooted that fire plug with the Canon 70-200 zoom lens. F4.5 1/400 ISO 500. The following videos are very well explained. Enjoy! Video from the Youtube channel SLRlounge