Bird Photography Advices And Photos

Hi bird photographers and nature lovers,

Here is an article about bird photography, with some advices and some of my photos.
I’m not really a bird photographer, but as I really like to photograph Wildlife and all kinds of animals, birds are part of it. So I thought about writing an article about bird photography, including some Youtube videos to provide you advices and tips. Then I have added some bird photographs that I took in the past, or a bit more recent after trying some advices.
What I aim here, is to try to write an article containing enough information to get you started or to help you (and myself) to improve your bird photography skills.

Basically, bird photography requires patience, and, depending on where you are shooting, to be fast enough to handle your camera and lens (holding, zooming, focusing etc.), most of the time a telephoto lens.
But must of all, you must practice and practice, and know your gear and how to set it.

First things first, the equipment. Here is a video from Tony Northrup on Youtube:

For more details about gear and everything, this video is quite complete I think. From Gless Bartley on Youtube.

If you want to start bird photography, here are some tips and advices from eHow on Youtube:

And if you can`t go in the Wild, woods or else, you can still do some bird photography in your backyard!

Here are some bird photography shots that I took. Hope you like them.
It’s far to be the results that I expect, but I will see a good start :)
The equipment that I used:
Camera: Canon EOS 400D and Canon EOS 7D.
Lenses: Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro (I used it on tripod with a remote control, as it’s for now, the only lens with a F2.8 aperture that I have – chickadee photos). Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro Review
Zoom lenses: Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM and Sigma 50-500mm. With the Sigma, I need to check a couple of things, because I find that I have sharper results with Manual Focus (when a bird is flying).

Some of the bird species in photographs:
– American Robin (Canada)
– Black Kite (Switzerland)
– Red Kite (Switzerland)
– Cardinal (Canada)
– Clark’s Nutcracker (Canada)
– Falcon (Switzerland)
– Goose (Canada)
– Hawk (Canada)
– Barred Owl (Canada)
– Red Grouse (Canada)
– Western Capercaillie (Canada)
– Turkey Vulture (Canada)
– King Fisher (France & Switzerland)
– Northern Gannet (Canada)
– Pink Flamingo (France)
– Swan (Switzerland)
– Pileated Woodpecker (Canada)
– White Stork (France)

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