Switzerland Valais Derborence

Derborence, its cirque and its lake, are located near the town of Sion in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.
The history of the site of Derborence, dates back to 1714. Terrible landslides are caused by the detachment of large rock masses that have detached from the mountain range, formerly named Scex de Champ.
Causing the death of 15 people and hundreds of animals (wild and livestock) the disaster was considered as the devil’s work. The mountain range was renamed Les Diablerets.

In 1749, a second landslide of the Diablerets, with 100 meters high rocky masses, forms the lake of Derborence.
This became the youngest natural lake in Europe.

The impressive scree formed by the two disasters is nearly 5 kilometers long, and its volume would be 50 million cube meters, as estimated by geologists.
Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, Vaud writer, was inspired by the landslide to write his novel Derborence.
Today, the wild valley of Derborence is a nature reserve and protected area, especially for its unique preserved forest that has developed on the scree.
The Derborence Valley fascinates geologists and botanists as nature lovers.

I went with my sister to Derborence for my birthday. It was great to share time with her and also initiate her into Wildlife photography for the first time. Encountering red deers during their rut period. It was nice and funny, as I brought some camouflage.
I stayed one more day and came a second time in the Valais to Derborence, so I add some other wildlife pictures.
An aspic viper, crawling on my boot while I was photographing red deers. A rare bird of prey to observe: the bearded vulture (an adult, and a juvenile). A tiny crested tit bird, a colorful caterpillar (Spurge Hawk-Moth Caterpillar), and some chamois.

Hiking and exploring the valley of Derborence, its lake and its forest, at sunset and at night, I took some pictures during those moments. Enjoying the sunset above the lake and later the stars and the milky way, my tripod was more than useful.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of the valley of Derborence in the Valais, in Switzerland. It’s a very nice place to see, and there many things to discover, from landscapes to wildlife. You may too enjoy some great hikes in this nature reserve.
Please respect and preserve this fragile Nature :)

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