Zernez National Park, Switzerland

The Zernez National Park in Switzerland, is located in the Engadine area, in the Canton of Grisons.
Only Switzerland National Park, and first national park in Europe, it was founded in 1914 (August 1, the Swiss National Day).
Its history dates back to 1909, when Swiss naturalists wanted to protect nature from human activities in development.
Inspired by the United States which already had many national parks, they founded the Swiss League for Nature Protection (LSPN), currently known as Pro Natura.
Since 1979, the Swiss National Park Zernez is a biosphere reserve of Unesco.

The park is located in the easternmost region of Switzerland, Engadine, between the villages of Zernez, S-chanf, Scuol and the Ofen Pass.
With an altitude of between 1400 to 3200, the area of 172 km² has a rich alpine flora and fauna.
The Zernez Swiss National Park belongs to the exclusive group of strict nature reserves (category 1). The intervention of Man is banned or severely restricted.
Located in the Alps, the National Park and its mountains, are characterized by a changing and very tough alpine climate.

The Swiss National Park of Zernez has a rich and varied wildlife. I came across many chamois, especially females with their young.
They are present everywhere on the heights of the park, and I could take some pictures by climbing to the Murtaröl (2759m) and the Munt la Schera (2587m).
I also encountered some in the forests, always staying on the trails as it is forbidden to hike off-trail while being in the national park.

I got up really early to maximize the chances of encountering wildlife, and to be the first on the tops, I could admire the beautiful scenery offered by the Swiss National Park.
It is also very soothing to enjoy moments for yourself at the top of the mountains, after a few hours of hiking.
Remember to cover yourself if you can’t bear cold. Wind and temperature are not the same as in the woods.

Visiting Zernez National Park, in Switzerland, to observe the “roar” of the deer, I could make some shots at longer or shorter distance.
The area near the hotel Il Fuorn Park Naziunal, lets make beautiful observation from the valley, or in the forests by taking the paths that start from there.
The deer mating season lasts about a month, from mid-September till mid-October. During this time, males and females come together for this time of reproduction.
A great opportunity to do some wildlife photography.

I did some hiking to the top of Munt La Schera (2587m), and enjoyed the view over Zernez National Park in Switzerland, and Lago di Livigno in Italy.
The last day, I went to try Val Trumpchun, as suggested by a Wildlife watcher I encountered the day before. Due to weather conditions, I couldn’t reach the Fuorcla Trupchun (2782m), but I was close enough to see an abandoned military base, from World War I. Quite strange to see that you can do some urban exploration at this altitude.
Val Trupchun is a good place for Wildlife photography. It can be crowded by visitors, but I was alone on the heights.

I hope you liked my photos of Zernez National Park in Switzerland. Maybe it will motivate you to go hiking in the Engadine area, in the Canton of Grisons, and enjoy its nature and wildlife.
I have been there 4 days, to celebrate my birthday, and it was a nice discovery and a good road trip across Switzerland. I’m glad that there is still protected areas around here.

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