Alberta – Rocky Mountains – Wildlife

Hi photographers and Rocky Mountains lovers!

I know it’s been a while, but I was really busy for the last months, and, I went to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta, for vacation for 16 amazing days :)

A way for me to go back into the Nature and enjoy outdoor activites.
Walking, hiking and climbing for hours, I can tell you that it’s an incredible place over there.
Doing all of this with my cameras, I was really happy to be part of a place that I was dreaming about for so long…
A little boy’s dream comes true…

I will upload some landscape photographies soon, but this vacation was also a good test for me, regarding my Wildlife photographer ambition ^^

Here are some shots of differents animals that I met there.

Walking deep into the woods, among the buffaloberry bushes, to meet, a hoped grizzly…
It turned out that I met brown bears and blacks bears, but no grizzly in face to face that time… later!

I will add more photos soon, but here is an apetizer :)

The last photo is a rare animal, the Fredericus Photographis…

I used mainly my Canon EOS 7D and Canon EOS 400D for the cameras, and for the zoom lenses, my Canon 70-200mm F4 (sometime with a focal extender x2) and my Sigma 50-500mm for larger and more dangerous animals… but you can have them really close to you.

I hope that you will like my photos of Wildlife in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta!
Main places are the great Kananaskis Country, the Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park, Mount Robson.

Enjoy, and take care!

Species on the photos:
Brown bear, black bear, cinnamon bear, grizzly bear, elk, ground squirrel, squirrel, marmot, hawk, grey jay, coyote, pika and much more!

[More photos are available on]

3 comments on “Alberta – Rocky Mountains – Wildlife

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  2. George on said:

    Hi. I like your images. I started taking a lot more photos after I got my first digital SLR. its fun. I seem to have the “eye” as my friends say, as my photos are now better than theirs. LOL

    Not bad for an Old guy.

    Do you like to critique others? I wouldn’t mind hearing a photographers comments/


    • Ansermoz Photograhy on said:

      Hi George, sorry for the delay.
      I’m glad you like to take more and more pictures!
      I guess your friends will start to be a wee bit jealous ;)
      Do not hesitate to send me your website thanks to the contact page, and I will have a look at your photos as soon as I can.
      PS: There is no age to enjoy things!

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