Vintage Cars And Bikes – Estavayer Le Lac

Vintage cars and bikes festival at the Swiss Side Party 2014 in Estavayer le Lac, in Switzerland.

Swiss Side Crew, founded in 2011, organizes a customized vintage cars and motorcycles show near the beach of Estavayer le Lac, in Switzerland.
Facing the Neuchâtel Lake, many bikers and old cars lovers gather all together to enjoy the show and the atmosphere.

Two, three or four wheels vehicles are present at the Swiss Side Party. Even lowrider bicycles can be admired.
Lowrider bikes, are highly customized bicycles, with a long wheelbase. They first appeared in the 1960s in the US. Kids copied on their bicycles, the work made on lowrider cars.

On the schedule by the Swiss Side Crew: cruising, slow race and best car and bike contests, to become the king of the day!
If you like the America from the 50s, 60s or 70s, you will feel the spirit here.

The Kustom Kulture is a movement that came from the United States and started in the 1950s. It brings all together the culture of the fifties, the rockabilly, pin-ups, hot rodding and customizing old cars. It’s also a lifestyle, a way of dressing and art (tattoo, music, etc.).

Young people from the 50s modified their cars (Ford models most of the time) to improve their power, reduce their weight or increase their aerodynamics.
Over the following years, artists like Kenny Howard (aka Von Dutch) or customizers like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth had a major influence on movement in the current culture.

After a more than quiet time during the 1980s, the Kustom Kulture has regained a large audience since the 2000s.
The followers of the Do it Yourself (DIY) call to date hot rods rat rod but also (roughly, hot rod that contains some rusting metal parts to give it a certain patina and a neglected aspect), custom, and other old car customization styles, and motorcycles (choppers, bobbers etc.). A trending thing is also the comeback of the pin-ups like Betty Page, that influence current outfits.
The tattoo is also very present, visible on both men and women.

The Kustom Kulture is still today in the Do it Yourself (DIY) trend, with a large number of enthusiasts who are customizing their old cars or motorbikes by themselves, looking for parts and materials to transform their beasts.

There is lots of Kustom Kulture shows in the US but also in Europe. Addicts and people interested in discovering the movement, take the opportunity to attend various courses, shows hot rod, rat rod and customized cars, concert rockabilly, tattoos etc.

Lots of colors, tattoos and leather to fit with the old cars and bikes of the Swiss Side Party (SSP).
Sun, food, drinks, music and live art are also part of the event. The event even offers a steel workshop!

I hope you liked my pictures of the Swiss Side Party 2014 in Estavayer Le Lac, in Siwtzerland, and maybe they will make you want to come to see the 2015 edition, with probably even more vintage cars and bikes!

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