Zombestoff 2011 Zombie Walk


There was lots of zombie walks this year, here in montreal and alomost all around the World I think.
Here are some pictures of two of them, in Montreal.
The frist one was completly a surprise, the second one was more planned, as a part of the Spasm Festival.
I used the Canon 70-200mm F4 and the Sigma 10-20mm (in the second serie).
The 70-200 is good zoom lens to make portraits if you can’t get closer to your subject. Relativly high ISO (800), small focal number (F4 in my case) and a fast shutter speed (1/640), allows you to get a nice short depth of field and this blurry foreground/background effect.

I don’t do portrait photography yet, or shoot people, but those kind of events are a good opportunity to practice and test some techniques.

Don’t be scare and enjoy!

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