The Swiss Explorer – Frederic Ansermoz

Hi photographers and globetrotters,

A bit of self promotion here, for some help and support.
I’m currently applying to this incredible job opportunity: The Swiss Explorer.
The SWISS International Air Lines company is offering this great position thanks to their website. The main element to join with my application, is a great video. As I heard late about The Swiss Explorer opportunity, I had few days to make this video.
I hope you will like it, and please, support me by voting on this page!/en/stories/watch/537cbf47836d6 and by sharing the link throught your social network: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus mainly.

Thank you for your help!

Take care and take photos… and videos as well!

Frederic Ansermoz

Thank you all for your support, shares and votes. Unfortunately, I haven’t been selected to continue the Swiss Explorer adventure…
So, I will do my journey around the World myself!

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