Bisse de Savièse Torrent-Neuf, Switzerland

The bisse of Savièse Torrent-Neuf, in the Valais in Switzerland, is a bisse old of more than 500 years.
Built between 1430 and 1448, this impressive Valais bisse remained in operation until 1934. In 1935, it was replaced by a tunnel dug through the mountain Le Prabé. It was not until 2005 that it was rehabilitated thanks to the work of the Association for the Safeguarding of the Torrent-Neuf and the Town of Savièse.
A path that runs over 4 kilometers, allows to discover some still preserved remains, and didactic installations help to learn a little more about the history of the bisse of Savièse Torrent-Neuf.
Walking on several suspension bridges, the hike offers many breathtaking views on Switzerland landscapes.

A bisse is the name given to an irrigation canal, dug in the earth, rock or made of planks supported by beams fixed to the mountain side.
It serves to lead the water from the mountain into the valley for irrigation.

Being part of the Valais landscape, the bisse de Savièse Torrent-Neuf, offers a beautiful hike to do in Switzerland, and also a look at its history.

I hope that you liked my pictures of the bisse de Savièse Torrent-Neuf, in Switzerland, and maybe they will motivate you to come to visit and explore and enjoy this amazing place in the Valais.

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