Canon 7D Review – Canon EOS Digital Camera

Hi photographers and Canon fans!

Here is a review about the Canon 7D, the main Canon EOS digital camera that I use to take my photos.
My first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is a Canon EOS 400D, and I’m using it too, as it’s always easier to work with two cameras with different lenses, rather than changing lens all the time. Especially for nature and wildlife photography at the same time.

I’m posting videos from Youtube for deeper review on the Canon 7D, but here are the main specs that I like about this great Canon EOS digital camera:

– fast continuous shooting with up to 8 frames per second (fps); which comes handy for sport/action photography.

– magnesium body and weather sealing; more than useful when you are taking pictures in the wild, with rain, snow, cold, humidity. I advise to still be careful when you use it in such outdoor conditions.

– 18-megapixel APS-C sensor with a 1.6x crop factor: Good when you mount a zoom lens on it. Converting your 500mm into a 800mm.

– Full HD video mode (1980×1080): Even if I mainly use it with the 720p mode, it’s quite great to be able to switch to the video mode, to record a moment as a video. I made almost all my short movies with the Canon 7D.

– Menu options and settings: You can find many options and possibilities with the Canon EOS digital cameras.

The noise of the shutter can be a bit too loud on the Canon 7D, especially when shooting Wildlife, but there is a way to reduce it a bit, thanks to a silent mode.
There is no continuous autofocus in the movie mode.

Other than that, the digital camera Canon EOS 7D is really a reliable and efficient semi pro camera.
Did you know? In Canon EOS (Electro-Optical System), the acronym “EOS” was chosen for Eos, the Titan goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology.

Photos of or taken with the Canon 7D DSLR:

Pictures taken in Switzerland, during different events, hikes in the mountains, or even the Canon road show in Bern and Lausanne, allowing me to test several lenses.

canon road show lausanne

Here are the videos about the Canon 7D, I hope you will find them useful.

Canon 7D review from Cameralabs

Canon 7D review from Nate42nd

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