The Old Salt Marshes Of Frontignan

The Old Salt Marshes of Frontignan are the vestige of former salt business activity. Site is located in the Frontignan district, near by Montpellier (Hérault).

Formerly dedicated to the salt production, this site is now a protected natural reserve. Granted by a great diversity: fresh or salty water zones, (former salt tables, canals , reed beds…), lagoons, moorland and dry areas, and garrigues till the pine woods of the Aresquiers.

Interactions between those different areas contribute to a great biodiversity for wildlife and flora in the ecological units which compose the Salt Marshes.

The Salt Marshes of Frontignan are, all year long, a really great spot for hundreds of birds: flamingos, ducks, wading birds and other terns and seabirds, are flying there for winter times, reproduction or as a stop during their migration.

Composed by 4 buildings and one landing stage, the little “village” is located right in the midlle of the lagoons.

The Old Salt Marshes of Frontignan were active for more than 600 years, from 1334 to 1968.

Here are the photos from an urban exploration near Montpellier.

Enjoy the visit!

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