Lantern Festival Montreal, Gardens Of Light

The Lantern Festival of Montreal, also known as the Magic of the Lanterns or Gardens of Light, is happening every year at the Botanical Garden of Montreal.
The Chinese garden and the Japanese garden are enlightened by hundreds of lanterns and colorful lights.

The lanterns are imagined in Montreal (Canada) and then, created in Shanghai (China), following traditional techniques.
The Botanical Garden of Montreal present this beautiful and incredible event during each Autumn.
When dusk is coming, the Gardens of Light event bright your night with its amazing decorations and traditional colored lanterns.

These series of photos are from the 2009, 2010 and 2011 events. It will still gives you a good overview of the Magic of Lanterns event.
Lighting designers have worked on several ideas to light the Chinese garden and the Japanese garden.
Lanterns with different shapes are placed everywhere in the gardens and temples. Humans, animals, but also objects and plants are really well made and incredibly colorful.

If you want to visit and enjoy the Lantern Festival of Montreal, I advise you to go during week days, to avoid the times when there is a lots of visitors.
Gardens of Light is an amazing event for all people who want to enjoy and share and a colorful enlightened night in Montreal.

I hope you liked my photographs of the Magic of the Lanterns event.


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